So I’ve been looking at enough roster debates for “deserves” to no longer look like a word.


Disclaimer: A lot of this was seen off of tumblr, but I have seen it here and, more importantly, this is a site that I have an account on.

First off, just so we’re clear, we do not know the final roster. That leak may have been it, or there may have been as many as five more characters. Everyone not yet confirmed by either Nintendo or the leak still has a chance to come back. Except Snake. There’s no reason Nintendo should bring back a 3rd party character who’s no longer affiliated with Nintendo. Sorry Snake fans. Lucas, Wolf, and Ice Climbers fates are up in the air. The only leaks claiming they’ve been cut have been text based, which aren’t as trustworthy as the videos and photos because it’s much easier to type up a few lies and propped up guesses than it is fake a video and accurately predict pictures of the day.

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Rumor Mill - The Fabled Smashboards Leak


For over a month, people have wanted me to showcase the Smashboards leak.   Similar to the NDA signed for the recent Sm4sh 3DS press event at PAX by those that attended, I entered into a verbal NDA with Smashboards as to not post the leak on my site.  The reasoning behind this was so that the Smashboards leak would not become the new base leak similar to Gematsu and having everything based off of it allowing for a quicker way of determining what leaks are more likely to be real by fitting in with this leak and those that are false as they don’t fit.  I know I lost faith in lots of people due to how I normally show leaks immediately but this was one I was asked not to and hope you guys understand why it happened as it did and now I can share with getting.

Without further ado, here is the Smashboards leak.

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