Anonymous asked:

I want to start cosplaying, but im afraid of being judged because I have dark skin and want to be cosplaying as light skinned characters. Im not really sure what to do...

comicbookcosplay answered:


As someone who runs this blog but is also a cosplayer, I hope to set some things straight. It’s sad this is still a fear people have about cosplaying because it’s not something you should be afraid of.

You should feel free to cosplay as anyone you want, because what matters more than any skin tone someone decided to color a character as in some comic book is the fact you love that character enough to want to dress up as them. For that day, you are that character. You’re the closest that character gets to being real. No one can take that away from you or judge you for anything. Lighter skin, darker skin, it doesn’t matter as long as you are having fun in your costume.

The people that do judge or try force the idea that you shouldn’t dress up as that character are wrong. Simple as that. Cosplay to have fun and to show your appreciation and love for a character. Nothing else matters.

I hope you do pursue cosplaying. It’s a fantastic thing to do and you will always be supported by your peers.

- Andy




According to a recently uploaded video, titled “Super Smash Bros. Wii U Gameplay Session from Nintendo Canada Headquarters,” Mr. Ryan proudly reminds fans that Pac-Man will join the fray, and that fans are “pretty excited about that.” But he also says, when referring to new playable characters, the following: “Rayman and a whole bunch of others.” Ryan clearly wasn’t referring to a flashy trophy.

Please note that this isn’t confirmed by Nintendo itself.

I’m bolding the above for emphasis, folks.  Take this news with a massive grain of salt.






Another 23 images from Smash Bros 3DS and Wii U have surfaced!  Above shown are the only new bits of info.

Check out Pac-Man’s ankle in that first shot.  Looks like he’s getting the sonic treatment and getting changes in his gloves and boots as palette swaps to make him look consistently yellow, like most people thought.  Compare that shot to his reveal artwork to see the differences!

And then after that is the return of the party ball, no surprise there, plus an image of a HUGE Luma, which probably implies that Lumas can use items such as the Mega Mushroom or Metal Box just like any typical character.  That makes them MORE like Nana and less like the Pikmin.

The other 20 are under the break!

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